Wooden Labyrinth 3D For Symbian^3 | Gameplay Demo On The Nokia N8

Wooden Labyrinth 3D brings realistic 3D graphics to one of the most loved childhood classics. With a tilt based perspective change, unlockable marbles, endless mode and an infinite amount of auto-generated levels, Wooden Labyrinth 3D also let’s you compete with others via 180 custom mazes with records and challenge times. Hit the jump to find out more.

Voyager Home Screen (vHome) Brings HTC Sense & iOS Like UI To Symbian

Voyager Home Screen (vHome) is a great app that transforms your Symbian handset’s user interface into a mash-up of the HTC Sense and Apple iOS homescreen. With support for homescreen tweeting to neat app pages, vHome is definitely one app you need to check out if you haven’t already. Hit the jump for the video.

Voyager Home Screen (vHome) Features:
Big retro or analog clock.
News feeds and weather.
Put all your apps into neat pages to flick through, with folder support.
One-click on/off widgets: Bluetooth, Silent Profile, Phone Lock.
Send tweets directly from the homescreen.

Soundtrack To London By The Museum of London 

The Museum of London has released a cool new app called Soundtrack to London, which reveals the people, places and events that have made London a great musical city. Search facts by location, artist or genre, or find sites nearest to you to discover stories that happened just around the corner. Hit the jump to check out the video demo.

Nokia Diexie Beta Launched | Write Chinese On You Symbian Touchscreen Phone

Nokia Research Center in Beijing has just released a great new application for the Chinese speaking community – Nokia Diexie . The official name actually means “overlapping handwriting”, which is what this application provides in order to allow users to input sentences in Chinese on their touchscreen phones without having to pause between characters. Hit the jump to find out more.

Nokia Diexie allows users to simply write a full sentence one character over another in a stacking style. As you begin writing the next character over the previous character, the previous character begins to fade away, creating an overlapped visual, allowing you to concentrate on finishing the next character.

This input method not only increases the overall user experience for Chinese character text input, but also increases the accuracy of the recognition to identify different handwriting styles. Instead of having to recognize just one character, the character recognition engine sees all the characters in one complete sentence and determines if the characters create a grammatically correct sentence. The result is increased accuracy and a much more intuitive handwriting input method.

Nokia Diexie Beta is available for all S60 5th Edition and Symbian^3 devices, and you can download this app and many more from our Applications section. Check out the video demo below.

Nokia C7 With Symbian^3 PR 2.0 Firmware | Video Preview

Yesterday we brought to you the Symbian^3 PR 2.0 Firmware Presentation Video, showcasing some of the new features headed to Symbian^3 devices in the PR 2.0 Firmware. Well check out this 9 minute video of the new firmware running on a Nokia C7. I have to say, I’m very disappointed with the browser. It seems to be more of a UI upgrade rather than a performance one. Video after the break.

Symbian^3 PR 2.0 Firmware Presentation

Check out this Symbian^3PR 2.0 Firmware presentation video, highlighting some of the key features set to be released in the new update. A faster UI, renewed music player and more importantly a better web browser with a less overpowering keyboard overlay and tabbed browsing, will all feature in the upcoming update. Hit the jump for the presentation video.