Windows Phone Marketplace Making Substantial Progress

The Windows Phone Marketplace is Microsoft’s mobile phone app store, and will eventually become the new application store for Nokia users. Following the recent partnership announcement from Nokia and Microsoft, the Ovi Store, along with the rest of the Ovi services, are set to receive some major changes, ultimately being replaced or combined with Microsoft’s offerings. So where does the Windows Phone Marketplace currently stand when compared to the rest of the industry? Hit the jump to find out more.

The Windows Phone Marketplace is one of the more recent app stores to materialise, as it received it’s launch just a few months ago in October 2010. Apple initially set this ‘app store’ trend with the release of the Apple App Store in July 2008, and many mobile phone manufacturers have followed suit since, all releasing their versions to compete in the ‘app mad’ society we now find ourselves living in.

The Windows Phone Marketplace currently has more than 8,000 available apps. This is a substantial amount considering the time it’s been around. To put it into perspective, within the same time period, Apple only had 3,000 available apps and Google’s Android Market had only 800. Although figures on Nokia’s Ovi Store have not yet been released, I assume the number is far lower than Microsoft’s current figures.

The Ovi Store currently hosts around 30,000 apps, and is experiencing daily download rates of around 4M. This is huge amount considering its position when the Windows Phone Marketplace launched in October 2010, when it was serving 2.3M daily downloads.

The task now is to persuade developers to either port their apps to the Windows Phone Marketplace or to begin developing for Windows Phone OS. However, with the combination of a significant presence in the US by Microsoft, and the global reach in developing communities by Nokia, the challenge to persuade developers may not be that difficult.

Nokia E7 Video Review By PhoneArena

The guys over at PhoneArena previously published a great video preview of the Nokia E7, when they managed to get there hands on a prototype in late January. Well today they’ve got there hands on the real thing, and put together another great video, this time reviewing Nokia’s Communicator successor. Hit the jump for the video.

The Nokia E7 is the latest Symbian^3 device, and sports a large 4″ capacitive touchscreen display with ClearBlack technology. Equipped with a full QWERTY keyboard, revealed in the ‘slide up’ manner, similar to that of the Nokia N97 and N97 mini, the Nokia E7 offers a great communicator experience complete with MS Exchange ActiveSync and an MS Office editing suite.

The Nokia E7 doesn’t lack in the multimedia department too. It’s 8 megapixel camera with an LED flash and secondary noise canceling camera, allow it to produce great high quality images as well as HD video at 720p.

The Nokia E7 should be available for pre-order very soon and will be officially available to buy online and in stores next month.

Kasvopus Qt Facebook Client Available For Symbian^3 & Maemo 5

Tommi Laukkanen has released a cracking new Facebook client for Maemo 5, MeeGoand Symbian^3 devices. Kasvopus is a simple and clean was of viewing your Facebook news feed instantly on your Nokia handset. You can easily browse through latest status updates, shared news and links. Hit the jump to check out the video demo and to download Kasvopus for your Nokia handset.

Currently there is no support for most of the major features such as notifications, profiles, search and uploading media, however Kasvopus does let you quickly update your status, easily “like” or comment on status updates and open links in the device browser with a single click. Although there are still many features not yet supported, Kasvopus has the potential to become the best Facebook client for Nokia devices.

Kasvopus is a great fluid app to mainly keep up to date with your Facebook friends rather than socialise full on. With this great foundation, more features will hopefully be added in the future to create what could be the best Facebook client on a Nokia device.

Kasvopus is currently in it’s alpha stages and is available for Symbian^3 and the Maemo 5 powered Nokia N900. Meego will soon receive this app and there will be an official port added to the Ovi Store soon too.

To download Kasvopus for your Nokia N900, simply hit our Maemo 5 Apps section and pick up the .deb file from there. To download Kasvopus for you Symbian^3 devices, you will first need to install Qt 4.7.2 and Qt WebKit 4.7.2. Then check out our Symbian^3 Apps section to grab the .sis installation file. The application will not work on Symbian^3 devices unless both Qt 4.7.2 and Qt WebKit 4.7.2 are installed first, which you can download here.

Worms HD For Symbian^3 | Gameplay Demo On The Nokia N8

Electronic Arts’ Worms HD, the original, award-winning, turn-based strategy game is now available for Symbian^3 devices. With funny dialogues and great animation, Worms HD will definitely keep you worming back for more explosive fun. Check out the gameplay demo after the break.