Who Owns A Domain Name?

Are you trying to find out who owns a domain name? Maybe the domain you are looking for is taken and you would like to contact the owner to see if they are interested in selling it. Or, perhaps you are planning on purchasing a website from someone and you want to verify ownership of the domain. Fortunately, usually it is not all that difficult to find out who the owner is.

Simply visit one of the many websites that have access to the Whois database and type in the domain name in the specified box. Two of the most trusted and well known sites for doing this are DomainTools.com and WhoIs.net. If the domain name is registered at GoDaddy, most likely you will have to check their Whois database to have access to all of the information you are looking for.

After you search for the domain name in the database you will be presented with several pieces of information. You will see the administrative and billing contact information listed. These are usually the same and they contain the owner’s name, address, and usually their email address and phone number, as well. Often, you will also find the technical contact’s information. For example, many times a web design company is listed in this space. In addition, you will see when the domain name was registered, when it expires, and the name server information.

Domain Privacy

Unfortunately, there are times when you will not be able to learn who owns a domain name. The reason being is that a person or company has the ability to purchase privacy when they buy the domain name or any time thereafter while they still own it. If they do choose this option, then all of the information mentioned above is not provided. Domain owners will purchase the privacy for a number of reasons. For starters, they may have no desire to sell and prefer not to be contacted. Others do it for security reasons. Or, if the website has objectionable content, they may not want to have their name associated with it.

If the owner has opted for privacy, do not give up on your query. You will need to be more creative in your search. If there is a developed website on the domain, usually there is a contact area on the site in which you can attempt to reach the owner. If the domain name is for sale, often times you can get in contact with a broker and perhaps he or she can find the owner of the domain.

If all of those methods fail, there one last option. Domain Tools offers a paid service in which you can see the owners who have owned the domain previously. This would also list the owner’s information before they purchased the privacy option, if they did not do so immediately. Just keep in mind, if you do get a hold of the person, there is a reason they chose to have there information withheld. Therefore, plan on them not being very open or friendly to your offer.