Robot Cimon will board the International Space Station with astronauts this year

According to the British “Daily Mail” reported February 26, the International Space Station astronauts will usher in a new passenger this year: a talking floating robot. Cimon is an abbreviation of Crew Interactive Mobile Companion. He is a spherical robot with a smiling face, weighing 5 kg, with an artificial intelligence brain and an 8-inch large screen.

With propeller-driven thrusters, he was able to move in a weightless environment, he knew how to listen to music, and mastered more than 1,000 sentences. In addition, he is able to float around the International Space Station, provide technical assistance, warn of system failures and dangers, and provide astronauts with a range of entertainment.

Cimon has another special friend at Space Station, the German geophysicist Dr. Alexander Gust. As part of a collaborative human-computer experiment, Cimon recognizes Dr. Gust’s voice and face and even plays his favorite music. Gust and Cimon will collaborate on crystal experiments, Rubik’s cube challenges and completing a medical mission. Among these, Cimon will act as a smart flight camera.

Cimon is an experiment conducted jointly by the German Aerospace Center Space Authority and Airbus, International Business Machines Corporation (IBM). Project Lead Tier Eisenberg said: “Cimon is a personal assistant with voice, face recognition, and we want to study the psychological impact of long-term space missions on astronauts and to develop appropriate countermeasures, especially to help Their method of decompression. “From July to October, the European Space Agency will be on a horizon mission when Cimon will board the International Space Station with Dr. Goodstone. Next month Cimon will make its first weightlessness test on a German space agency parabolic flying spacecraft.

The future of Cimon will be equipped with laser pointers, robotic arms and hands and will be able to read out his moods from astronauts’ expressions – stress, sadness or anger.