Our work 2


Designer: Dillen Verschoor
Release date: 29th August 2011

Unofficial redesign of Avicii’s website.


iBay is a fictional e-commerce website that sells Apple products

Juicy Graphics

Juicy Graphics is our online portfolio that features a selection of our best work, and we offer nice psd freebies for you to download.

Juicy Graphics used to be Clean-graphics but we decided to change the name of the website because we had other plans.


Photography community, something like Dribble but than for photos.

Ragnarok Worldwide

Ragnarok Worldwide is a gameserver, social media were an important aspect of this website for marketing.  This website provides information about their community and statistics.

Sadly this server has never been hosted since the one that was going to host didn’t had the time to realise a project as large as this one.


A client work for a music website.

VXI Online

This is a design for a finctional online movie portal.

Qwirly gfx

This skin has been designed for a dutch gfx forum called ‘Dutch-Pride’. Sadly the forum isn’t active anymore, but the design remains.

Gamez Community

Daily deviation winning web design Gamez Community. The website features the latest gaming news.