Nokia’s WP Future Looks Promising | IE9, SkyDrive & Xbox Live With Kinect

Microsoft hit the stage at Mobile World Congress 2011 in Barcelona yesterday to announce some upcoming features for Windows Phone 7. After the recent partnership announcement with Nokia, it was always going to be interesting to see what Steve Ballmer had in store for Windows Phone users. Hit the jump to find out what’s headed to Windows Phone 7 users and ultimately to a Nokia Windows Phone device later this year.

Microsoft announced several new Windows Phone 7 features coming in 2011, including a “dramatically enhanced” browser experience based on Internet Explorer 9; additional multitasking capabilities; support for Microsoft Office documents in the cloud; and the addition of Twitter to the People Hub.

The expanded capabilities announced today include:

  • Copy and paste functionality via first major update, coming in the next month
  • Twitter integration directly into the People Hub in 2011
  • Support for Office documents in the cloud in 2011
  • Dramatically enhanced Web browser experience based on IE9 in 2011
  • A new wave of multitasking applications in 2011
  • Targeting significant volume of Nokia Windows Phones in 2012

Yes, its true. Windows Phone 7 does not currently support the copy/paste functionality, amongst many others which you may have come to love with Symbian. However the plan to build a new ecosystem will encourage features like this and others hit the platform very soon. Windows Phone will experience many updates before the end of the year, when we will see the first Nokia Windows Phone (hopefully at Nokia World in September).

Andy Lees, President of Microsoft’s Mobile Communications Business stated that, “This partnership will combine the strengths of our two companies, and fuel our growth as we build the global Windows Phone ecosystem. This is a great win for us, for Nokia, and for our existing and new customers around the world.”

Also announced during Microsoft’s keynote was an upcoming Xbox Live Kinect integration with Windows Phone. A gaming revolution to say the least will soon be compatible with mobile devices. No news as to when this feature will be added, but we’ll keep you updated on this and more Windows Phone news right here at, so make sure you stay tuned.

Symbian Will Continue To Evolve | More Powerful Hardware & Newer UI

During the press conference at Mobile World Congress yesterday, Stephen Elop went on stage with the now Head of Smart Devices, Jo Harlow, and discussed a little bit about the future of Symbian. Hit the jump to find out more.

Jo stated that newer Symbian devices will be released, and will be faster and more powerful than current Symbian devices. New hardware, from 1 GHZ plus processors to faster graphics, will be introduced to the Symbian line up, along with extensive UI improvements to give Symbian a fresh look and feel.

This message was echoed by CEO Stephen Elop, as he reiterated that support for Symbian will be paramount in order to keep current customers happy through the transition process from Symbian to Windows Phone.

Excited? Let us know whether you eager to see more Symbian devices and updates, even though eventually the OS will be replaced.

Official Images Of Nokia’s Windows Phone 7 Concept

Yesterday we brought you the news of a Nokia’s Windows Phone Concept image that appeared around the web, and gave an idea of what future devices from NokMsftcould look like. Well, at the press conference last night at Mobile World Congress, Nokia officially unveiled some high resolution images of these concepts. Hit the jump to check them out.

Nokia CEO Confirms Future Plans To Compete Within the Windows Phone Ecosystem

Nokia CEO Stephen Elop has made it clear that even though Nokia will share the Windows Phone platform with other OEM’s, Nokia’s number one priority is to beat Android in the battle of the ecosystems, and will then focus on competing within the Windows Phone ecosystem itself. More after the break.

When asked during the Nokia Press Briefing Q&A at Mobile World Congresswhether Nokia would prefer a proprietary Windows Phone OS for Nokia devices or will share the current available version with other manufacturers, Stephen Elop reiterated Nokia’s stance in this alliance, stating that ”the best answer for Nokia, is to have an ecosystem with other players, who are innovating, competing with nokia, and contributing to that ecosystem… our number one priority is competing with android.”

He then explained how times have changed, and that with the number of services being offered to consumers, the whole challenge has ”shifted from a battle of devices, to a war of ecosystems.”

Symbian was also a platform being utilized by other manufacturers besides Nokia. Samsung and LG both had variants of the Symbian platform on their devices, but Nokia made Symbian it’s own. This echoes the general feel of what Nokia intends to do with Windows Phone in the future as Elop continued, “that being said, as we achieve our first priority of beating android, we’ll be competing within the windows phone ecosystem aswell.”

During the financial and strategy briefing, Stephen Eloped proposed a rhetorical question: will Nokia be able to “customize everything” on Windows Phone OS in order to differentiate itself? And enthusiastically answered “Yes!” Although he quickly pulled his statement back making it clear that this is not part of Nokia’s immediate strategy.