Nimbuzz For Nokia Touch Updated To v3.0.1 | 70% Less Data Consumption

Nimbuzz has recently been updated to v3.0.1. The new update will allow Nimbuzz users to consume up to 70% less data by utilizing a new data compression method. According to the Nimbuzz team, the zlib encoding will, on average, consume 50% less data, and depending on how you use Nimbuzz, could use up to 70% less. Hit the jump to find out more.

Nimbuzz lets you make free calls and lets you stay connected with your friends in one place. You can make free Nimbuzz to Nimbuzz calls, and also share files, photos, music and videos for free. Connect with your friends on Nimbuzz, Facebook, Windows Live Messenger (MSN), GoogleTalk, Yahoo, Twitter and AIM.

Nimbuzz v3.0.1 is available for Nokia S60 5th Edition and Symbian^3 devices and can be downloaded from our Nokia Apps download section

Nokia Appoints New Vice President Of Asia-Pacific Region

Nokia has appointed Neil Gordon as Vice President of Nokia’s SEAP region, following a reshuffle at executive level. Neil will be responsible for Nokia’s strategic direction as well as overall business performance effective as of january 1 2011. Hit the jump to find out more.

Prior to this, Mr Gordon was leading the Global Sales Operations team and was based in Finland. He has been with the company on and off since since 1994 and has held both finance and sales leadership roles in Asia, Middle East & Africa and Europe. According to Nokia Senior Vice President and Head of Global Sales, Colin Giles, Neil Gordon has a ”wealth of Nokia experience.”

“The markets within SEAP continue to offer tremendous growth potential and I feel fortunate to have the opportunity to work with our talented and highly engaged team,” said Gordon.

Neil Gordon has taken over from Chris Carr, who was appointed as new General Manager for Australia & New Zealand in November. This move comes as part of recent plans to release up to 1800 Nokia employees from its workforce globally.

“Our company faces a remarkably disruptive time in the industry, with recent results demonstrating that we must reassess our role in and our approach to this industry,” said Nokia CEO Stephen Elop.

Nokia Announces CMD Strategy & Financial Briefing Details

Nokia has announced that during the Capital Markets Day on 11 February 2011, it will hold a half-day event on on it’s strategic plans for the future as well as providing updated information on it’s financial status and market growth. Hit the jump for more details.

Registration and lunch will commence at 11 am GMT, followed by presentations and Q&A sessions from 12:30 to 4 pm GMT. For those who are not able to attend, a webcast will be available. Further information including links to on-line registration and venue details will follow in the coming weeks.

Mood Agent Beta For Nokia Touch | Playlist DJ Reborn

Nokia Beta Labs today announced Mood Agent Beta for Nokia S60 5th Editionand Symbian^3 devices. Mood Agent automatically analyzes and profiles your music collection. Simply set the mood using the sliders or pick a song to get started and Mood Agent will collate a playlist to match your mood. You can also share your mood and music with your friends on Facebook and Twitter. Hit the jump to find out more.

Formerly known as Playlist DJ, Mood Agent is currently already available via the Ovi Store, however this beta is a means to bring more new features, suggested by users, to this intuitive music player application. Check out the video below of Mood Agent being demoed on a Nokia N8.

Off Topic | Google Goggles Gets Smarter & Solves Sudoku Puzzle

Sorry to go a little off topic here, but it’s a real shame Google Goggles is not yet compatible with Nokia smartphones. For those who are not yet aware of this service, Google Goggles is Google’s version of Nokia Point & Find, however Google has taken this service a whole step further, a whole lot faster. The video after the jump shows how the new updated version of Google Goggles can now solve Sudoku puzzles faster than the 2009 Sudoku National Champion!

So where does Nokia Point & Find currently stand? Well, being the first to come out with a great solution is not always a good thing, as other companies can easily jump on the idea with fresh, innovative, and more often than not, more advanced services. Nokia Point & Find continues to offer what we can now call the basics in augmented reality, whereas Google is continuing to update and bring forward more features for it’s version.

Augmented Reality (AR) is destined to become a huge avenue for information based services in the future, and I can safely say that this is just the beginning of AR, I’m sure 2011 has a lot more in store for us.

Nokia Email Beta Updated | Brings New Features & Fixes To S60v3 FP2 Devices

The Nokia Beta Labs has release an updated beta release of the Nokia Email client (v3.05). The update is intended to solve some of the issues some consumers have encountered when using Nokia Email on Nokia S60 3rd Edition Feature Pack 2 devices. Hit the jump to find out more.

The Nokia Email client is already installed in most S60 3rd Edition Feature Pack 2 devices, like the Nokia E72, E73, E52, E5, and the Nokia C5. But as mentioned above, due to a number of complaints regarding problems users were experiences, Sampo Cheng of the Nokia Symbian Smartphone Team today announced that the update is intended to address most of these bugs as well as bringing additional feature.

If you’ve not experienced any problems, you may want to try out the beta, as some of its new features include direct HTML view, which is a nice addition. The official release of this client will come later via Nokia Software Updater, so you can always wait till then.

Supported devices:

  • E72 PR2.0 (031.023) onwards
  • C5 PR1.0 (031.022) onwards
  • E5-00 PR1.0 (041.021) onwards
  • E73 PR1.0 (042.007) onwards
  • E52 PR2.0 (031.012) onwards