New Firmware PR 1.2 For Symbian^3 Incoming | Nokia N8, C7, C6-01, E7

Nokia has today released a voluntary software update for it’s Symbian^3 smartphones, primarily to address a synchronization issue identified in a limited number of Nokia smartphones using Mail for Exchange on Microsoft Exchange Server 2010, Service Pack 1. This does not mean the PR 2.0 firmware has been delayed, as it’s still remains scheduled for the first quarter of 2011. Hit the jump to find out more.

The following had been posted on the Nokia Support Discussions earlier today:

We listen to people’s feedback and continue to constantly improve the user experience of our smartphones with software updates. While we are working to make available the next software version, which will provide a renewed user experience, including new browser, refreshed widgets and home screen as well as many other performance enhancements, we released this software to quickly resolve a potential issue affecting our business users.

The software update will be available through the on-the-device Software Update or using Ovi Suite. The roll-out schedule will be determined operator by operator, market by market.

Q:  What is new with this software update? What are the benefits?

A:   The primary reason for releasing this update is to address a Mail for Exchange synchronization issue. It will also include a new version of Ovi Store as well as a new version of Ovi Maps (SR6), adding visibility to subways, trams and trains, real-time traffic, safety alerts, visibility to parking and petrol stations, speed limit warnings, and improved search and location sharing capabilities.

Q: How can I update the software on my Symbian device?

A: Go to Applications > Software update or Applications-> Tools –> Software update (depending on which model you have) on your device and download the update there over the air. You can use WiFi to avoid any additional data costs. It’s also possible to update software via Ovi Suite. (As for all electronic devices we recommend to do regular backups in case you need to restore your data.)

Q: Will the software update be pushed to users?

A: No, this is a voluntary software update. Users who have signed up with MyNokia or enabled the software update auto-check will get a notification about the update on their homescreen and will be able to download the new software from the Software updater in their device, if and when the update is available for them.

Q: Why does the Symbian device variant in country X not have the SW update yet? What is your roll-out schedule?

A: We first publish standard non-customised versions of the software. Country (SIM-free) and operator versions will be following soon. You can check if an update is available for you from Nokia Care. Note that as this is an optional release we have some countries & operators that are not taking this version.

Q: I’m on a SIM-locked device with operator X, they are not offering the update. My MfE is not synching. What can I do?

A: We will offer this update content also as part of the PR 2.0 Firmware.

Q: How can I check if I have the latest SW?

A: Go to Applications > Software update (N8, E7) / Applications > Tools > Software update (C6-01, C7), on your device and see if there are any updates available.

Q: Is the rollout of PR 2.0 affected by this?

A: We’ve announced we will introduce significant improvements for the Symbian UI during the first half of 2011. That schedule remains unchanged.

Q: You have promised a new SW with browser and portrait QWERTY. Why are those not available in this release?

A: We hope that consumers will be very excited as we continue to enhance our smartphone experience in 2011.  We are not stopping here but there are further improvements on the way.  We anticipate the software to be available in the summer.

How To | Re-Download Apps From The Ovi Store

Here’s a quick step by step video tutorial on how to re-download apps and games from the Ovi Store. You might need to do this if you either purchase a new device, or if you’ve had to reformat or reset your current handset for whatever reason. It doesn’t however explain how to get the Ovi Store app itself after a hard reset of the newer Symbian^3 devices.

Download Newly Released Opera Mini 6 & Opera Mobile 11 For Symbian

Opera Software recently announce the release of two new web browsers in the form of Opera Mini 6 and Opera Mobile 11, improving features such as scrolling, zooming and of course, sharing. Check out the video promo after the break where you can get all the direct download links too.

The new versions feature a share button, so you can easily post, tweet, or share info on Facebook. Opera is apparently the world’s most used mobile web browser, ahead of Apple’s iOS, Nokia and Android, controlling 21.6 percent of the market in March so far, according to Web analytics firm StatCounter, via Reuters.

Lars Boilesen, CEO of Opera Software had to say, “If you’ve lost that loving feeling for the Web on your phone or tablet, don’t let it bring you down. Just try one of our browsers… The sun always shines on TV, but the Opera browser shines on more than 3000 devices.”

The Differences Between Opera Mini & Opera Mobile:

  • The Opera Mini browser uses Opera’s servers to take web pages down to a tenth of their original size before sending them to your phone. Because the data transferred is smaller, pages arrive faster. On a pay-as-you-go plan, the Opera Mini browser dramatically cuts the price you pay, because the data you use is greatly reduced.
  • The Opera Mobile browser brings the whole desktop web to smartphones. Supporting HTML5, full high-fidelity web browsing, sharing the same Opera Presto browser engine found in Opera’s desktop browser, the Opera Mobile browser is the best option for fast, powerful browsing when on unlimited Internet data plans or Wi-Fi.

You can download Opera Mini 6 and Opera Mobile 11 for you’re Nokia handset, either directly to your computer or your phone, by visiting our S60 3rd Edition, S60 5th Edition, and Symbian^3 applications pages. Check out the promo video below.