Four Letter Domain Shot.Com Is For Sale

Techshot, a product development company out of Greenville, Indiana, has announced that they are selling their premium, four letter domain The company previously used the domain as their primary web address, but a few years ago changed over to

The company is taking a unique strategy to selling Instead of hiring a domain broker like most other businesses would do, they have hired LeadJen, a lead generation company to handle the task. LeadJen will attempt to find buyers through phone calls, email, and direct mail.

“We worked with Techshot in the past to generate leads for their engineering services, and the company trusts our work,” LeadJen President Jerry Vance said.

LeadJen will be contacting potential buyers in a wide variety of different industries that include: gaming, sports, and weaponry. They anticipate around 80 companies having an interest in owning, which was first registered in 1995. Techshot also said they receive several inquiries each month in regard to selling the brandable domain.

In the press release announcing that is for sale, it states that the domain has been appraised for $500,000. Although, it did not say who appraised it for that amount. It’s tough to say what price the domain could command. But with the recent sale of for $1 million and for $100,000, a high, six figure sale to the right buyer should come as no surprise.

Afternic and Sedo’s public sales for last week have been released. The top four letter domain sales of the week were for $10,000, for $7500, and for $5200.