Find Available Domain Names

Did you know that everyday around 2 p.m. EST around 50,000 domain names become available to register? These domain names were previously owned by someone and for one reason or another, they decided not to renew their registration. These domains then become available to anyone to buy.

The truth is that the vast majority of these available domain names are worthless. However, there are a number of valuable domains in the list. The trick is how to find them. It would be both time consuming and tedious for someone to try and scan a list of 50,000 domains. (For those who would like to try, you can download the daily list here.) Fortunately, there are tools, both paid and free, that can help make this process much more efficient. Below are some of the most popular websites for finding available domain names: – Since 2007 Estibot has been providing a wide range of tools for seasoned and new domain investors, alike. They allow you to use the site for free for a few queries per day, but they also offer paid monthly plans, where you can receive unlimited access to all of the tools available.

The website is best known for their automated appraisals that they provide. You can enter a single domain or a list of several, and the appraisals will provide you with important metrics like exact search volume, cost per click, etc. The appraisal also will give you a rough figure as to what your domain is worth. The price should only be used as a guide, but it is helpful for giving you a general idea of the value of your domain.

In addition to the automated appraisals, Estibot also offers a domain name generator, a lead generation tool, bulk whois searches, domain sales history, and more. The best tool they offer for finding available domain names are their daily appraised lists. Estibot appraises the huge list of domains that drop everyday and provides the data for paid customers. While the service doesn’t find every valuable domain that becomes available, it does find most of them and makes the process much more efficient. & – These two websites are a couple of the other favorite spots of domain investors for finding available domain names. For a monthly service charge, you are able to scan through lists of domains by choosing your own custom filters. For example, you can select to search for only domain names with page rank. Or, if you are looking for certain domain names with a certain keyword in them, you can do that, too.

You can search through dropping domain names or you can also choose to look through the auction lists from sites like GoDaddy and SnapNames. Both sites offer paid monthly plans, however, is much more expensive. FreshDrop does provide you with more metrics to filter and also more lists to scan.

Where Else Can You Find Available Domain Names?

The websites listed above are some of the best ways to find fresh available domain names. While most of the best domains that become available each day are quickly registered, there are a few that slip through the cracks. Or, since new trends develop everyday, there are domains that nobody has thought to register yet.

There are a number of free websites that will help you find these types of domains.,, and allow you to enter specific keywords that you are looking for. They will then either provide whether the domains are available or also give you alternative related domains that you may not have thought of.

Several domain blogs also provide lists of available domain names. You can visit to find extensive lists of quality, keyword-rich available domains. You will need to act quickly after he posts because he has a large list of subscribers and most of the domains are registered shortly after he posts the list of names. Most of the other blogs provide brandable type domains that don’t have any significant search volume or cost per click.

Shane Cultra, owner of, scans through the daily lists and posts some of the best available domains for the day. You can also find available domain names on domain forums like and