Contact Freebies

These freebies (also known as Resources) were created to share our knowledge of Photoshop. You are not allowed to use these for commercial use; they are learning rights only.

Flip Clock

This is a small widget that I’ve designed for Dribbble once, but I have decided to share it as a freebie since I will never use this.

KRK Speaker Icon

I recently bought new studio speakers. When I looked at them I thought this might make a nice icon! So I made it in photoshop! For all you folks free to download and use.

Login Form

A clean login form which can be used in all kinds of settings.

Dark and bright buttons

This is a simple button pack with dark and bright buttons, the buttons were made for a Dribbble rebound ‘challenge’.

Navigation bar

A navigation / searchbar combination.

MP3 Player

I wanted to practice some of my skills but didn’t want this mp3 player to end up in the ‘trash’ folder. So I decided to share this with you guys, how nice is that?

Twitter widget

File Downloader

This is an easy and well structured file downloader. This could be a plugin or just a download helper on your website.

Wallpaper pack

This wallpaper pack features 3 wallpapers with superclean gradients. These will looks awesome on your monitor!