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Best Sites For Selling Domain Names

If you plan on selling domain names, it’s important that you know the best websites for doing so. Some sites cater to large sales that are often in the six figure range, while others are good for liquidating some of your unwanted domains for $20 or less. By choosing the right venue for selling your […]

Find Available Domain Names

Did you know that everyday around 2 p.m. EST around 50,000 domain names become available to register? These domain names were previously owned by someone and for one reason or another, they decided not to renew their registration. These domains then become available to anyone to buy. The truth is that the vast majority of […]

How To Backorder A Domain Name

We’ve all been there haven’t we? You find a domain name that you are really interested in, only to find out that it’s taken. You decide to do some more research on the domain and discover that it is not developed and it is set to expire in just a few short weeks! You really […]

How To Transfer A Domain Name

Transferring a domain name is the process of moving a domain from one registrar to another. It is possible to transfer up to 1000 domains at one time. For example, if you had a domain at and wanted to move it to, you would need to complete a domain transfer. This process is […]

The Best Domain Registrar For You

When you are buying a domain name for the first time, you might be unsure of which domain registrar to use. For instance, if you start out by typing “register domain name” into a search engine, you will be met with hundreds of results and ads from many different registrars offering their products and services. […]

Who Owns A Domain Name?

Are you trying to find out who owns a domain name? Maybe the domain you are looking for is taken and you would like to contact the owner to see if they are interested in selling it. Or, perhaps you are planning on purchasing a website from someone and you want to verify ownership of […]

Go Daddy Super Bowl Commercial

Once again, a Go Daddy Super Bowl commercial for 2012 is certain to cause a big stir during and after the big game. Just like in the past, this year’s two commercials feature scantily clad women which will be a delight to some and a big turn off to others. Famous race car driver Danica Patrick is […]

MegaUpload.Com Founder Kim Dotcom Is Arrested

On Friday Kim Dotcom, founder of the popular file sharing website, was arrested at his mansion while celebrating his 38th birthday. The internet mogul was found in an electronically locked safe room holding a sawed off shotgun. During the raid in which Dotcom was arrested, authorities seized luxury cars, expensive art pieces, and electronic equipment. In […]

Four Letter Domain Shot.Com Is For Sale

Techshot, a product development company out of Greenville, Indiana, has announced that they are selling their premium, four letter domain The company previously used the domain as their primary web address, but a few years ago changed over to The company is taking a unique strategy to selling Instead of hiring a domain […]

Premimum .Pro Auction Ends

GoDaddy is hosting an auction of 160 short, premium .Pro domain names. The auction started January 10th and ends tomorrow evening. All domains in the auction are either one, two, or three character domains. “The .Pro auction will allow many professionals the chance for some prime internet property,” said Paul Nicks,’s director of aftermarket services […]

Domain Name News 02/16

Here are a few of the notable domain stories from the past week: Is Sold – The popular forum has been sold to the owners of, a domain parking provider. The sale price is rumored to be between $200,000 – $300,000. Ron James, the original owner who launched the forum in 2003, is expected […]