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Apple co-founder Woz: My seven bitcoin was cheated

According to CNBC, Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak has an innovative mind, so it is no surprise that he is a bitcoin fan. However, at a global business summit, Wozniak claimed that he had cheated him of seven bitcoin. Figure: Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak claimed that someone cheated him seven bitcoin Wozniak said: “I have seven […]

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Avicii Designer: Dillen Verschoor Release date: 29th August 2011 Unofficial redesign of Avicii’s website. iBay Designer: Davey Heuser Release date: 15th August 2011 iBay is a fictional e-commerce website that sells Apple products Juicy Graphics Designer: Davey Heuser Release date: 11th August 2011 Juicy Graphics is our online portfolio that features a selection of our best […]

Our work

What you see here is a selection of web designs that we have created. We will update this page with the latest designs we create. You can see a full-size image of the design on the detail page. You can get there by clicking the title or thumbnail. Mandy Matzke Designer: Davey Heuser Release date: […]