Best Sites For Selling Domain Names

If you plan on selling domain names, it’s important that you know the best websites for doing so. Some sites cater to large sales that are often in the six figure range, while others are good for liquidating some of your unwanted domains for $20 or less. By choosing the right venue for selling your domains, you increase your chance for selling at the price that you desire.

The first thing you want to do before selling a domain or group of domains is to determine the value and the price that you would like to sell for. It is important to be realistic with your pricing. Often, people new to the domain industry will over-inflate the value of their domains. This is a common, crucial mistake that will leave you and any potential buyers disappointed.

After you have a realistic price in mind for the domain names you plan on selling, it is time to list them at the appropriate venue. Below are some of the best websites for selling your domain names:

3rd Party Listing Service

This group includes domain industry heavyweights and These two full service websites not only allow you to list your site for sale, but they also provide domain parking, escrow services, brokerage services, and domain name appraisals. Several of the largest sales each year are through either Sedo or Afternic. Since 2001 Sedo, who is known as the world’s largest domain marketplace, has helped broker major sales like for $13 million, for $3 million, and for $2.6 million. Even with all of the large sales that take place with Sedo and Afternic, it is still possible to sell your domain for as little as $60. If you do decide to list your domain names with them, make sure to use their parking service in order to reduce your commissions on sales.

Small Domain Auction Sites and are a couple of prominent small domain auction houses. Most of the sales at these two sites are from one domain investor to another. It is free to list your domains at, while there is a annual fee to list at Bido has a unique member voting system that sends domains to auction. Or, members also have the option to pay extra to send their domains to auction. Both sites have a minimum sale price of around $40. Most of the sales at these auction sites are around $50 – $100, however, they also have several $1,000+ sales throughout the year. The drawback of selling domain names at these two sites is the limited visibility since most of the general public does not know that they exist.

Domain Forums

The two most well known domain forums are and Both of these forums contain sections for buying and selling domain names. You have the ability to list your domain name as Buy It Now, Make Offer, or Auction formats. There is also a “Domains Wanted” section in both forums where members can post details about the types of domains they are currently interested in buying. Domain forums are a great place to get rid of some of your low value domain names that you don’t have any use for. Most of the transactions that take place are for under $100, although on occasion there are a few that surpass that.


Many veteran domain investors consider Ebay an awful place for selling domain names. The reason being is that there are literally thousands of domains for sale that are either of poor quality and/or set at unrealistic prices. If you do have a quality domain name to sell, many fear that it will be lost in the mix. However, there are some positive things about selling domain names on Ebay. For starters, many professional domain investors got their start selling on Ebay. It’s a good place to learn the ropes of selling domain names, while not investing too much money to start out with. Also, there are a few people who consistently sell hand registered domains for a profit. These are usually not large sales, but for those who know what they are doing, it is possible to make a nice profit selling there.

One final note is that once you have listed your domain at one of these services, be it an auction or Buy It Now listing, it is important to promote your domains that you have for sale. There are hundreds of thousands of domains listed at these services. Unless you own ultra-premium domain names, most buyers will not come to you. It is important for you to contact business owners, domain investors, and others who might be interested in purchasing your domains. By doing this, it will greatly increase your chances of not only selling your domains, but also selling them for higher prices.