Apple in the United States to open the official refurbished Apple Watch Series 3 smart watch

Apple has just updated the Official Renovations page for the U.S. District Store online, adding some models of Apple Watch Series 3 smartwatches. This is the first time that Apple has sold the Apple Watch Series 3 renovation since its release in September 2017. As of press time, Apple only shelves two (GPS-only) models, the discount amount is 50 dollars. Compared with the new table, the preferential rate of about 13 to 15%.

The 38mm Gold Apple Watch Series 3 Gadget Sport Bracelet costs $ 279 (the new watch $ 329) and the 42mm Aluminum Dark Sky Gray Apple WatchSeries 3 plus black sports strap costs $ 309 (the new watch $ 359 ).

The Apple Watch Series 3, released last September with the new iPhone, was the first to join a standalone LTE release. Compared with the previous generation, the new smartwatch is equipped with a faster dual-core S3 processor and an Apple-custom W2 chip (85% Wi-Fi speed).