About us

Davey Heuser

Hello, my name is Davey Heuser and I started designing in 2004. I like to create simple and clean looking websites with a lot of attention to detail. Structure and hierarchy of a website are very important to me; I have to help visitors and search engines find the information they are looking for. That is why I raise the bar every single time, and that is why I make sure every design is finished to my satisfaction.

In 1999 I acquired my first computer, and later received a book which helped me learn html and css. I completed every single tutorial in the book and started to create my own designs in Microsoft Paint. My first real project was a website for a charity that provided tools to help children go to school in Suriname.

I started to specialize in webdesign around february 2009, so I have been doing this for 3 years now. I have grown a lot in such a short time and I don’t believe that this is the end.

Now-a-days I design web-layouts in Adobe Photoshop and create logos in Adobe Illustrator. I use Photoshop so much that I have improved my workflow a lot.

My work has been featured on different websites for several times and I get lots of support from co-webdesigners worldwide.