3 Best Features Of Teeter Fit 100 Inversion Table

Teeter persists with its assurance to eminence with this sculpt. Using it is a breeze, as I was capable to invert very efficiently and to whichever slant I preferred, devoid of needing to exploit the strap (for those who haven’t understand any other reviews, I think it’s very imperative to be competent to invert effortlessly, at a proscribed rapidity, and then be capable to regress to starting position just as effortlessly). I originate it very undemanding to fine-tune the table to my height, lock my ankles into place, and do what I sought after stretch out! One extra thing I liked that I was proficient to set the table to my authentic height, which I can’t do with all inversion tables in market at the moment.

  1. While less expensive than the other Teeter models, the Fit 100 still comes with the main features that make me such a proponent of Teeter. You can completely invert and fasten yourself in a 90 degree angle. For me, the capability to invert to a full 90 degrees is very imperative. Yes, many times I only invert 60 degrees, but there are numerous advantages of being talented to invert fully. One thing that you don’t perceive in many inexpensive inversion tables is this capability is to mainly confine you to a 60-70 degree of inversion.
  2. Soothe truck bed While this bed is comfy, I institute it to be slightly skinnier, not that big of a deal in my estimation, but is essentially just as happy as the other beads on Teeter’s models. It also is missing some of the features that the EP-560 has in that there are not opening or grooves for the newer acupressure node and/or lumbar bridge trimmings.
  3. Ankle reassures dial (i.e. The ankle seizes/locks). These locks were in point of fact additional contented than the locks I have on my F7000, which utilize to be Teeter’s top of the procession model (yes, he was a while ago, but it demonstrates how the company persists to recover).

As you can perceive, while there are not as many features as some of the superior end models, you still get the ones that subject the majority stability/quality, the facility to invert at any angle you desire and comfortability. Essentially, it’s a worth table that is assembling very well, while final a exceptionally long time, and has the middle features that you should come across for in an inversion therapy table. That being said, if you can afford the additional $80, then I would advocate comparing the Teeter EP-560 vs the Fit 100. You get additional features, more contented ankle locks, and you get some immense accessories without charge now. Also, if money is the question, then you also have some supplementary payment alternative with the EP-560 that you don’t obtain with the Fit 100 which is no doubt the best inversion table for you. Make sure that you are highly equipped with necessary knowledge before investing in inversion table.