Our work 2


Designer: Dillen Verschoor
Release date: 29th August 2011

Unofficial redesign of Avicii’s website.


iBay is a fictional e-commerce website that sells Apple products

Juicy Graphics

Juicy Graphics is our online portfolio that features a selection of our best work, and we offer nice psd freebies for you to download.

Juicy Graphics used to be Clean-graphics but we decided to change the name of the website because we had other plans.


Photography community, something like Dribble but than for photos.

Ragnarok Worldwide

Ragnarok Worldwide is a gameserver, social media were an important aspect of this website for marketing.  This website provides information about their community and statistics.

Sadly this server has never been hosted since the one that was going to host didn’t had the time to realise a project as large as this one.


A client work for a music website.

VXI Online

This is a design for a finctional online movie portal.

Qwirly gfx

This skin has been designed for a dutch gfx forum called ‘Dutch-Pride’. Sadly the forum isn’t active anymore, but the design remains.

Gamez Community

Daily deviation winning web design Gamez Community. The website features the latest gaming news.


Our work

What you see here is a selection of web designs that we have created. We will update this page with the latest designs we create. You can see a full-size image of the design on the detail page. You can get there by clicking the title or thumbnail.

Mandy Matzke

I was asked to design and develop a website for Mandy Matzke, she is a fantastic photographer with a lot of passion for what she does. We both agreed on the fact that it had to be a clean website, this was because the photos are the main subject of the website and they had to pop out.

Sadly this project has been set on a hold due to lack of time, and will be finished this summer. But you can see where I stopped on this page (please don’t mind the dead pages)

You are free to like Mandy’s Facebook page if you’re interested in her photos.

Housemotion Music

Housemotion is my alias for my music productions. I’ve been thinking about making a website for a while and now it’s finally there!

Live: Housemotionmusic.com

Make sure to check out my music as well !


This is a non-official redesign of Audi.com that I’ve made, I thought that their website is nice, but could be improved.


Sch3duliz3r is a dashboard that I have designed for a friend of mine, he will develop this dashboard for the company where he does his internship. The dashboard has cool features that will come in handy on daily use.

Modern Warfare 3

Made this layout to practice my grunge/textures skills.

I do not claim any of the used images or the Modern Warfare logo as my own.


We made a mash-up between Facebook and Twitter. By taking the content of Facebook and combining it with the style of  Twitter we created a whole new design.

Kroal Portfolio

This is my newest project, it’s an online portfolio for a fictional graphic designer. It’s finished but constructive critisism is always welcome!

This tutorial has also been featured on 1stwebdesigner as tutorial


Sofatime is a blog that provides interior advisory for visitors. this is a fictional website so it does not exist.