How mattress affects our sleep?

A mattress is a part and parcel thing for us to live our life happily. It has a very strong connection with our sleep and sleep has a stronger relation to our health. Taking no sleep at all becomes the cause of many problems and you will become feeble very soon. Best rated memory foam mattress makes your night and the time spent on the bed worthy and helps you during the sleep hours so that no problem can create. This has become the important thing of everybody’s home. People like to purchase it and want to spend time on it. This devotion of the people shows how significance it has made in their lives.

Mattress sale

The sale of this mattress has also been increased as compared to other mattresses. It is made of the pure material that gives the feeling of smoothness and makes the whole of the sleeping time outstanding. Just spend a little money on purchasing it and get the feeling of peace. Have a best electric lawn mower to make your lawn more beautiful and awesome in view. There will be no need of spending more money on the difficult and the complex methods of getting relaxation. Some of the ways in which the mattress affects our sleep are mentioned below.

Disturbance during the sleep

If you are getting rest on something, which is uncomfortable and difficult to be at, your sleep will get disturbed and you will like to get rid of it. Make your sleeping place cozy and smooth so that you could also get the sensation of tranquility. It is the only way to get better dreams. For this matter, the above mentioned mattress makes the whole sleeping time outstanding and you will like to be in the bed for a longer period of time. The mattress affects our sleep to much extent by creating disturbance in our sleep.

Control the body temperature

A mattress made of pure and high quality fabric will keep the body temperature at a suitable level. This will keep you away from sweat and other such like problems that might create trouble during your sleep. The mattress mentioned above control the body temperature all the time you take rest on it.

Flexibility in the body

If it is not getting molded as our body moves, that means it is not made of the material that your body needs. My gardener use a lawn mower to intensify the beauty of plants. It should be flexible so that the whole of your body could move easily and it takes into consideration the movements of the body. Your body will become flexible, if it moves alike the positions that you take during your sleeping hours.

Insights To DOT Motorcycle Helmets

There are a large number of motorcycle helmet manufacturing companies offering full face and open face helmets but most of them are un-authorized as their motorcycle helmets do not provide the level of safety they should provide to the riders. It is not safe to use these helmets, instead go for DOT motorcycle helmets as they are simply best. Most of the people do not know what DOT motorcycle helmets actually are and how they are different from other helmets. If you are also one of them then this article is written just for you.

What are DOT Motorcycle Helmets?

Dot motorcycle helmets are those helmets that are approved from department of transportation which take several laboratory tests to check if the motorcycle helmet fulfills all their standards or not. Department of transportation has set safety standards for motorcycle helmets. This department administers the quality of motorcycle helmets. If motorcycle helmets fail to fulfill their strict criteria then they are not given registration or authorization. A DOT motorcycle helmet reaches your hand after intensive laboratory testing which is a clear proof of its quality, safety and comfort. Department of transportation does so just to control the rate of injuries that take place during motorcycle accidents.

How DOT Helmets are Different From Other Helmets

It is highly suggested buying DOT motorcycle helmets instead of ordinary un-authorized helmets. This is because DOT helmets are better than ordinary helmets in many ways. Following is a detailed explanation how.

Quality: When it comes to motorcycle helmet then quality is the first concern for everyone as people buy helmet just to get protection against injuries and poor quality helmet cannot do so. DOT motorcycle helmets are known for their high quality material and great finishing. DOT helmets are always heavily weighted just because they are made of solid material that does not get broken easily. This material has enough ability to absorb the external pressure.

Comfort: Another major difference between a DOT motorcycle helmet and an ordinary helmet is the level of comfort. A DOT helmet is way more comfortable compared to ordinary helmets as it has an extraordinary interior with foam padded layering that makes it comfortable. Ordinary helmets have cheap material in their interior due to which we cannot wear them for a long time.

Style: The good thing about DOT motorcycle helmets is that they are not only of high quality but they are also stylish and elegant. DOT motorcycle helmets come in different styles, shapes and designs having unique patterns all over them. In other words, DOT motorcycle helmets offer both quality and style at the same time.

Safety: The distinguishing feature of DOT motorcycle helmets is their safety as they provide extra safety to the rider compared to all other motorcycle helmets. There fine material absorbs resistance saving your head and neck from any major injury in case of accident. It also has a full face screen for extra protection.

So, next time when you go out for buying a motorcycle helmet then prefer looking for a DOT helmet especially if quality, style and comfort are your priorities.

Things to Consider While Buying Home Exercise Equipment

Are you worried about your overweight body? Do you want to get rid of high blood pressure permanently? Do you want to remain healthy, younger looking and fresh? If yes, then you must join a gym as exercise is the secret to healthy living. Wait a second, why don’t you just create a home gym? It will make it much convenient for you to achieve your fitness goals as you can perform workouts at any time even in the middle of night. Oh please, do not worry about the budget. You are not going to make a professional gym so you need just a few exercise machines such as pull up bar, rowing machine, treadmill etc. Finding the best pull up bar and rowing machine is not much difficult, you just need to read product reviews.

Consider These Things

Making a gym requires some effort and research. You cannot buy exercise machines randomly. There are a few factors that must be considered while making a home gym. Following is the brief overview of these factors.

Space: What if you buy an expensive exercise machine but it does not fit into your gym? You must select the exercise equipment for your gym according to the space. Buying a single or two big machines is not a good idea. You should specifically buy those machines that not only take limited space but also offer extraordinary benefits.

Your fitness goal: Another most important factor you cannot ignore is your fitness goal. If you want to get ripped abs then you must buy only those exercise machines that are designed for bodybuilders. In the same way, if you want to burn extra fat from abdomen and thighs then you may get rowing machine or other similar exercise equipment that are designed for abdomen area.

Budget: Your budget decides how much exercise machines to buy. If you have enough budgets then you may go for bigger and complex machines that offer multiple workouts but if you have limited budget then you may buy small machines like pull up bars. You may buy several machines if you can afford to do so otherwise buying two to three most common and efficient exercise machines is enough.

Workout Options: Prefer buying a machine that offer several workout options. It is highly suggested buying a machine that targets your whole body not just your upper body or abdomen or thigh area. Pull up bars and rowing machine for instance, offers several workout options for everyone. This is why every person has them in his or her gym.

Ease of use: There is no reason of buying a machine which you cannot run properly. Most of the exercise machines are designed for tough workouts and ordinary people cannot use them without the help of a fitness expert. Buy only those machines that are easy to use.

Durability: You cannot afford to buy a machine every month or after 2 to 3 months so it is very important to get an idea about durability of machine you want to buy. Product reviews can help you in this regard.

3 Best Features Of Teeter Fit 100 Inversion Table

Teeter persists with its assurance to eminence with this sculpt. Using it is a breeze, as I was capable to invert very efficiently and to whichever slant I preferred, devoid of needing to exploit the strap (for those who haven’t understand any other reviews, I think it’s very imperative to be competent to invert effortlessly, at a proscribed rapidity, and then be capable to regress to starting position just as effortlessly). I originate it very undemanding to fine-tune the table to my height, lock my ankles into place, and do what I sought after stretch out! One extra thing I liked that I was proficient to set the table to my authentic height, which I can’t do with all inversion tables in market at the moment.

  1. While less expensive than the other Teeter models, the Fit 100 still comes with the main features that make me such a proponent of Teeter. You can completely invert and fasten yourself in a 90 degree angle. For me, the capability to invert to a full 90 degrees is very imperative. Yes, many times I only invert 60 degrees, but there are numerous advantages of being talented to invert fully. One thing that you don’t perceive in many inexpensive inversion tables is this capability is to mainly confine you to a 60-70 degree of inversion.
  2. Soothe truck bed While this bed is comfy, I institute it to be slightly skinnier, not that big of a deal in my estimation, but is essentially just as happy as the other beads on Teeter’s models. It also is missing some of the features that the EP-560 has in that there are not opening or grooves for the newer acupressure node and/or lumbar bridge trimmings.
  3. Ankle reassures dial (i.e. The ankle seizes/locks). These locks were in point of fact additional contented than the locks I have on my F7000, which utilize to be Teeter’s top of the procession model (yes, he was a while ago, but it demonstrates how the company persists to recover).

As you can perceive, while there are not as many features as some of the superior end models, you still get the ones that subject the majority stability/quality, the facility to invert at any angle you desire and comfortability. Essentially, it’s a worth table that is assembling very well, while final a exceptionally long time, and has the middle features that you should come across for in an inversion therapy table. That being said, if you can afford the additional $80, then I would advocate comparing the Teeter EP-560 vs the Fit 100. You get additional features, more contented ankle locks, and you get some immense accessories without charge now. Also, if money is the question, then you also have some supplementary payment alternative with the EP-560 that you don’t obtain with the Fit 100 which is no doubt the best inversion table for you. Make sure that you are highly equipped with necessary knowledge before investing in inversion table.

How to Get The Most From Your Workout Routine?

Thanks to the media that has created awareness among people about physical fitness. Now days, every 3 out of 5 people either go to gym for performing exercise daily or they perform cardio workout at home which is really a good practice but what is bad about it is that we blindly follow the steps of others in the gym instead of adopting those workouts that suits our body. If you have been performing exercise regularly for the last several months but still you have noticed no change in your physical fitness then you probable need some guidance and this is what this article is all about. Following are a few tips that will help you in getting the most from your workouts.

Remain Consistent

The first and foremost rule is to remain consistent in whatever workout routine you follow. What majority of the people do is they skip exercise whenever they are not in mood to perform workout. In other words, they do not go to the gym daily. This is why they fail to achieve an ideal body despite performing exercise. So, it is very important for you to perform workouts daily.

Keep On Changing Exercises

If you want to get maximum benefit from exercise then you must change your workout routine after every few days. You may start with simple cardio workouts like running and cycling and then keep on adding new workouts every day in order to get better results.

Go For Circuit Training

Fitness experts are of the view that you can get maximum health benefits from the exercises you perform only if you give minimum break in between every exercise. It is usually suggested taking break for 1 to 5 minutes after performing every exercise but the point here is that our body temperature decreases during this time. Circuit training refers to training in which different exercises are performed one after the other without taking any break.

Not Every Workout Is Good For You

Most of the people fail to lose weight or develop six back body despite performing exercise. This is because they choose wrong exercises for this purpose. This means that in order for you to get desired results, you must perform those workouts that suit your body. For instance, you have extra fat on your abdomen then it is clear that you should perform those workouts that are designed for abdomen instead of performing workouts for thighs or legs.

Be Realistic

When it comes to achieving physical fitness then it is very important to set realistic goals that can easily be achieved. Losing 20 kg in just one month is neither a realistic nor healthy goal so you must set a realistic yet challenging physical fitness goal while starting your workout routine. Developing goals is not enough; you must also try hard to achieve them.

You Might Need Some Motivation

If you are following all the above mentioned tips but still there are no health benefits of workouts yet achieved then you might need some motivation. You can get motivation from the person you are inspired from. He may be any Hollywood celebrity or your life partner or any of your friends.

These are a few things that will help you to yield better results from your workout routine.

Best Sites For Selling Domain Names

If you plan on selling domain names, it’s important that you know the best websites for doing so. Some sites cater to large sales that are often in the six figure range, while others are good for liquidating some of your unwanted domains for $20 or less. By choosing the right venue for selling your domains, you increase your chance for selling at the price that you desire.

The first thing you want to do before selling a domain or group of domains is to determine the value and the price that you would like to sell for. It is important to be realistic with your pricing. Often, people new to the domain industry will over-inflate the value of their domains. This is a common, crucial mistake that will leave you and any potential buyers disappointed.

After you have a realistic price in mind for the domain names you plan on selling, it is time to list them at the appropriate venue. Below are some of the best websites for selling your domain names:

3rd Party Listing Service

This group includes domain industry heavyweights and These two full service websites not only allow you to list your site for sale, but they also provide domain parking, escrow services, brokerage services, and domain name appraisals. Several of the largest sales each year are through either Sedo or Afternic. Since 2001 Sedo, who is known as the world’s largest domain marketplace, has helped broker major sales like for $13 million, for $3 million, and for $2.6 million. Even with all of the large sales that take place with Sedo and Afternic, it is still possible to sell your domain for as little as $60. If you do decide to list your domain names with them, make sure to use their parking service in order to reduce your commissions on sales.

Small Domain Auction Sites and are a couple of prominent small domain auction houses. Most of the sales at these two sites are from one domain investor to another. It is free to list your domains at, while there is a annual fee to list at Bido has a unique member voting system that sends domains to auction. Or, members also have the option to pay extra to send their domains to auction. Both sites have a minimum sale price of around $40. Most of the sales at these auction sites are around $50 – $100, however, they also have several $1,000+ sales throughout the year. The drawback of selling domain names at these two sites is the limited visibility since most of the general public does not know that they exist.

Domain Forums

The two most well known domain forums are and Both of these forums contain sections for buying and selling domain names. You have the ability to list your domain name as Buy It Now, Make Offer, or Auction formats. There is also a “Domains Wanted” section in both forums where members can post details about the types of domains they are currently interested in buying. Domain forums are a great place to get rid of some of your low value domain names that you don’t have any use for. Most of the transactions that take place are for under $100, although on occasion there are a few that surpass that.


Many veteran domain investors consider Ebay an awful place for selling domain names. The reason being is that there are literally thousands of domains for sale that are either of poor quality and/or set at unrealistic prices. If you do have a quality domain name to sell, many fear that it will be lost in the mix. However, there are some positive things about selling domain names on Ebay. For starters, many professional domain investors got their start selling on Ebay. It’s a good place to learn the ropes of selling domain names, while not investing too much money to start out with. Also, there are a few people who consistently sell hand registered domains for a profit. These are usually not large sales, but for those who know what they are doing, it is possible to make a nice profit selling there.

One final note is that once you have listed your domain at one of these services, be it an auction or Buy It Now listing, it is important to promote your domains that you have for sale. There are hundreds of thousands of domains listed at these services. Unless you own ultra-premium domain names, most buyers will not come to you. It is important for you to contact business owners, domain investors, and others who might be interested in purchasing your domains. By doing this, it will greatly increase your chances of not only selling your domains, but also selling them for higher prices.

Find Available Domain Names

Did you know that everyday around 2 p.m. EST around 50,000 domain names become available to register? These domain names were previously owned by someone and for one reason or another, they decided not to renew their registration. These domains then become available to anyone to buy.

The truth is that the vast majority of these available domain names are worthless. However, there are a number of valuable domains in the list. The trick is how to find them. It would be both time consuming and tedious for someone to try and scan a list of 50,000 domains. (For those who would like to try, you can download the daily list here.) Fortunately, there are tools, both paid and free, that can help make this process much more efficient. Below are some of the most popular websites for finding available domain names: – Since 2007 Estibot has been providing a wide range of tools for seasoned and new domain investors, alike. They allow you to use the site for free for a few queries per day, but they also offer paid monthly plans, where you can receive unlimited access to all of the tools available.

The website is best known for their automated appraisals that they provide. You can enter a single domain or a list of several, and the appraisals will provide you with important metrics like exact search volume, cost per click, etc. The appraisal also will give you a rough figure as to what your domain is worth. The price should only be used as a guide, but it is helpful for giving you a general idea of the value of your domain.

In addition to the automated appraisals, Estibot also offers a domain name generator, a lead generation tool, bulk whois searches, domain sales history, and more. The best tool they offer for finding available domain names are their daily appraised lists. Estibot appraises the huge list of domains that drop everyday and provides the data for paid customers. While the service doesn’t find every valuable domain that becomes available, it does find most of them and makes the process much more efficient. & – These two websites are a couple of the other favorite spots of domain investors for finding available domain names. For a monthly service charge, you are able to scan through lists of domains by choosing your own custom filters. For example, you can select to search for only domain names with page rank. Or, if you are looking for certain domain names with a certain keyword in them, you can do that, too.

You can search through dropping domain names or you can also choose to look through the auction lists from sites like GoDaddy and SnapNames. Both sites offer paid monthly plans, however, is much more expensive. FreshDrop does provide you with more metrics to filter and also more lists to scan.

Where Else Can You Find Available Domain Names?

The websites listed above are some of the best ways to find fresh available domain names. While most of the best domains that become available each day are quickly registered, there are a few that slip through the cracks. Or, since new trends develop everyday, there are domains that nobody has thought to register yet.

There are a number of free websites that will help you find these types of domains.,, and allow you to enter specific keywords that you are looking for. They will then either provide whether the domains are available or also give you alternative related domains that you may not have thought of.

Several domain blogs also provide lists of available domain names. You can visit to find extensive lists of quality, keyword-rich available domains. You will need to act quickly after he posts because he has a large list of subscribers and most of the domains are registered shortly after he posts the list of names. Most of the other blogs provide brandable type domains that don’t have any significant search volume or cost per click.

Shane Cultra, owner of, scans through the daily lists and posts some of the best available domains for the day. You can also find available domain names on domain forums like and

How To Backorder A Domain Name

We’ve all been there haven’t we? You find a domain name that you are really interested in, only to find out that it’s taken. You decide to do some more research on the domain and discover that it is not developed and it is set to expire in just a few short weeks! You really want the domain. What should you do? This is the perfect time to backorder a domain name.

By placing a backorder on the domain, this will greatly increase your chances of acquiring the domain when it becomes available. There are a number of services to place a backorder. Some of them are more reliable and some more expensive than others. To give yourself the best chance of landing the domain name, it is recommended that you place a backorder at more than one service.

Now just because you backorder a domain namethat you want to acquire, this does not guarantee that you will get it. For starters, the person who owns the domain may end up renewing it for another year or more. Or perhaps there may be others interested in the domain. If they also place a backorder on the name, then it will go to a private auction that will last three to seven days. The person who is willing to pay the most, will win the rights to the domain.

When you purchase a backorder for a domain, it will include one year of registration. The price ranges from around $15 to $70, depending on the service you use. Most of the services will only charge you if they successfully acquire the domain.

One of the drawbacks of backordering a domain name is that some times when you secure a domain that you were after, the name doesn’t end up at the registrar of your choice. In fact, at times your domain can end up at a rogue registrar that is difficult to manage and has poor customer service. You will also then have to wait the mandatory 60 days before you can transfer it out to your preferred registrar. However, if it is a domain that you really want, it will be well worth the hassle you have to go through.

Where To Backorder A Domain Name – The best thing about placing a backorder at GoDaddy is the price. It is by far the cheapest service to use. The price for one backorder credit is $20.99, however if you purchase several at one time you will get a discount. In addition, you can also find GoDaddy coupon codes that can take the price down to around $15 for each backorder you make. The price also includes a one year membership to GoDaddy Auctions, a $4.99 value.

Although GoDaddy is the cheapest, they are also the least effective. If any of the other services also place a backorder for a domain name, you will not get it with a GoDaddy backorder. Another drawback to GoDaddy’s service is if they do not secure the domain for you, you will not be given a refund. Instead, you have a credit to use for another backorder. This is fine for people who purchase domains often, but for others who don’t, it can be an inconvenience.

How To Place A Backorder At GoDaddy:

  1. Create an account or log in to your existing account
  2. Click on “My Account” link
  3. Click on “Domain Manager” link
  4. Hover your mouse over the “Buy/Sell” tab and click on “Backorders and Monitoring”
  5. Click On “Add Backorders” tab
  6. Enter the domain name
  7. Select public or private registration
  8. Continue through check out and make payment & – These are the two most well known and reliable backorder services. They also operate in a similar manner. The price for a backorder at NameJet is $69 and the cost is $59 at SnapNames. Neither of these two services will charge you if they do not secure the domain you are after. But you will need to create an account with them and have your personal information along with a valid credit card on file. To increase your chances of getting the domain you want, it is recommended that you place a backorder with both services.

You will need to place your backorder at NameJet before 12 pm EST the day the domain is going to become available. The deadline at SnapNames is 1:45 EST. If more than one person places a backorder for a domain, then a three day private auction will ensue.

How To Place A Backorder At Snapnames Or Namejet

  1. Type in the domain in the search bar on the home page
  2. Click on the domain and enter your bid amount
  3. Sign up for an account
  4. Wait for the service to e-mail you with the results
  5. If necessary, participate in a private auction

How To Transfer A Domain Name

Transferring a domain name is the process of moving a domain from one registrar to another. It is possible to transfer up to 1000 domains at one time. For example, if you had a domain at and wanted to move it to, you would need to complete a domain transfer. This process is frequently confused with a domain change within the same registrar. There are more steps to completing a transfer and it also costs money.

There are a number of reasons why someone would need to transfer a domain name. One reason is if you are purchasing a domain name from someone who has it at a different registrar than the one you prefer to use.

Another instance is that if you backorder a domain on the aftermarket from a service like SnapNames or NameJet. Often the registrars that “catch” the domain you backordered are small and not used by many people. Therefore, it is inconvenient to keep a domain at these smaller registrars. Most domain owners like to keep all of their domains at one registrar so that they are easier to manage and keep track of.

The process of transferring a domain is pretty simple and straightforward. It can vary slightly at different registrars, but usually not by much. Transfers are usually easier to complete when transferring between larger, more established domain registrars.

How To Transfer Your Domain

1. Verify the e-mail on the whois information – It is important to make sure that the e-mail address is correct since both registrars will be sending e-mails this address in order to confirm the transfer. If privacy has been purchased for the domain, it needs to be deactivated.

2. Unlock the domain – This can be done from the user’s admin panel at the current registrar.

3. Get the authorization code – This is also referred to at some registrars as the EPP code or transfer key. You can find this at the user’s admin panel or sometimes you will need to request it via e-mail from the registrar.

4. Buy a domain transfer – Usually the price is under $10. Some registrars will give you an additional year of registration with the transfer purchase.

5. Enter the authorization code – You will also need to confirm and initiate the domain transfer after entering the authorization code.

6. Transfer complete – Most domain transfers take between 5-7 days, depending on the registrar and extension. You can check the status of the transfer during the process.

Why Would A Domain Transfer Fail?

Unfortunately, there are times when a domain transfer fails. There are a few common reasons why this happens. A couple of the more common mistakes are that the domain name being transferred is not unlocked or the authorization code was entered incorrectly. Simply unlock the domain or enter the correct authorization code, and initiate the transfer again.

Another reason the domain transfer may fail is that the domain was registered or transferred less than 60 days prior to the attempt. Due to ICANN restrictions, a domain may not be transferred during this period. Once the 60 days are up, the domain will be eligible for a transfer.

Registering A Domain Name For The First Time

One of the first and most important steps when building a website is to register a domain name. For those who have never done it before, don’t worry. Registering a domain name is a simple process that can be completed in just a few easy steps.

Before you start the registration process, you need to decide on a domain name. As you may know by now, most of the great domain names are already taken. But that doesn’t mean you can’t find a good domain name for your website. Utilize some of the basic principles for choosing a domain. Make it memorable and easy to spell. The shorter, the better. Stick with .com domains. Stay away from trademarked terms. And remember, pick a name that you really like because it will be difficult to change it down the road.

After you have selected a domain name, the next step will be to choose a domain registrar where you will register your domain. There are several domain registration services to choose from. You will find that some offer lower prices than others. And, most will provide additional services like web hosting and email. Many of the registrars will give you a discount if you are buying a domain and hosting together. Most importantly, select a registrar that is ICANN accredited. To learn more about the domain registrars, read reviews online to see what others have to say about their experiences.

Once you have settled on a domain name and registrar, it is time to register your domain. The first thing you will do is enter your domain at the registrar to make sure that it is available. You will then set up an account at the registrar where you will enter in your contact information including: your name, address, telephone number, and email address.

It is important to enter your contact information correctly. ICANN, the governing body for domains, requires that you have valid contact information. If you enter incorrect or false contact details, it is possible for your domain to be canceled. This information will also be used by the Whois database and will show up if someone does a Whois search on your domain. Although, it is possible to purchase privacy protection when you register a domain so that your information will not be displayed.

The next step is to decide what, if any, additional services you would like to purchase along with the domain. You can choose to buy hosting, privacy protection, email, and more. If you are buying a domain name for your business, you might also want to consider purchasing other extensions like .net and .org in order to protect your brand. You will also have the option to buy up to ten years of registration for your domain. Check online for coupon codes to help lower the domain registration costs.

It’s finally time to make your payment. Most of the large registrars offer a variety of payment methods. In addition to paying with a credit or debit card, some domain registration services allow you to pay with an online check or with Paypal.

The Best Domain Registrar For You

When you are buying a domain name for the first time, you might be unsure of which domain registrar to use. For instance, if you start out by typing “register domain name” into a search engine, you will be met with hundreds of results and ads from many different registrars offering their products and services. So which one of these is the best domain registrar to use?

It all depends on who is buying the domain name. For example, if you plan on purchasing several domains, then some registrars are better suited for that. Or, if you would like to buy a hosting package along with your domain, there are several registrars that will offer a reduced price for doing so. It’s a good idea to ask around and read reviews online to find out the best domain registrar to use since each one is more suitable to different needs. Here are some of the main points to look for:

Price – Most registrars offer .com and .net registrations for around $10. However, you can find coupon codes online to make the price as low as $7. In addition, occasionally registrars like GoDaddy will have specials where you can buy domain names for around $1. If you are only purchasing one domain, then the price for a domain may not matter to you as much. But, if you are someone who buys hundreds, or even thousands of domains each year, then it makes sense to find the best deal available.

The price for alternative extensions like .org, .us, .info, etc. will vary much more from each registrar. Shop around for the best price. Also, some registrars will offer you a low initial price for the domain, but will charge you a much higher price to renew the domain each year. So if you are planning on keeping the domain for several years, you should be aware of the renewal prices.

Add-on Services – Each registrar offers several different add-on services. Some of these include hosting, email, privacy, and more. Many customers are interested in purchasing these, while others just want to purchase a domain name. A few of the registrars are very aggressive in luring in customers to pay for these extra add-on services, even when they do not need them. When checking out, make sure to check that you are only being charged for what you planned on buying.

Ease of use – There are several domain registrars with very simple user interfaces. On the other hand, there are some that are difficult and cumbersome to use. Those who will be managing several domains at once, will definitely want a user interface that is clean and easy to use. In addition, keep in mind it is much easier to keep several domains all at one registrar, rather than have to manage them across several different ones. So be sure to choose one that you are comfortable with and that has a solid reputation.

Another thing to consider when looking for the best domain name registrar is domain transfers. If a domain name needs to be transferred in our out, some registrars make this process much easier than others. Certain registrars also offer discounts on this service or at times will offer it for free.

Security – One of the most important things to keep in mind when buying domain names is to use a registrar that is ICANN Accredited. Also, if you own more valuable domain names, use a registrar that is known for having the best security available. Domain thefts are a serious problem and the security of your domains should not be taken lightly.

So Who Are Some Of The Best Domain Registrars?

Now that we’ve gone over some of the main components to look for in a domain registrar, let’s take a look at a few of the most popular and trusted registrars online. There are more quality domain registration services than those listed below, but these are some of the most used by customers all around the world: – Known as the world’s largest, most used domain registrar, GoDaddy serves over nine million customers all across the globe. In a survey conducted by, GoDaddy has been voted the best domain registrar for five years running. It is a good choice for those who plan on frequently buying and selling domains since so many people have an account there. – Many domain owners with large portfolios use Moniker as their registrar due to their easy to use interface. The company has over one million domains under management and is also known as one of the safest, most secure domain registrars. – Based in Denver, Colorado, Name is known for their friendly customer support and easy to use website. It is one of the best domain registrars for those new to domains since they offer free tools like a domain glossary, a domain suggestion tool, and a geo domain finder.

Who Owns A Domain Name?

Are you trying to find out who owns a domain name? Maybe the domain you are looking for is taken and you would like to contact the owner to see if they are interested in selling it. Or, perhaps you are planning on purchasing a website from someone and you want to verify ownership of the domain. Fortunately, usually it is not all that difficult to find out who the owner is.

Simply visit one of the many websites that have access to the Whois database and type in the domain name in the specified box. Two of the most trusted and well known sites for doing this are and If the domain name is registered at GoDaddy, most likely you will have to check their Whois database to have access to all of the information you are looking for.

After you search for the domain name in the database you will be presented with several pieces of information. You will see the administrative and billing contact information listed. These are usually the same and they contain the owner’s name, address, and usually their email address and phone number, as well. Often, you will also find the technical contact’s information. For example, many times a web design company is listed in this space. In addition, you will see when the domain name was registered, when it expires, and the name server information.

Domain Privacy

Unfortunately, there are times when you will not be able to learn who owns a domain name. The reason being is that a person or company has the ability to purchase privacy when they buy the domain name or any time thereafter while they still own it. If they do choose this option, then all of the information mentioned above is not provided. Domain owners will purchase the privacy for a number of reasons. For starters, they may have no desire to sell and prefer not to be contacted. Others do it for security reasons. Or, if the website has objectionable content, they may not want to have their name associated with it.

If the owner has opted for privacy, do not give up on your query. You will need to be more creative in your search. If there is a developed website on the domain, usually there is a contact area on the site in which you can attempt to reach the owner. If the domain name is for sale, often times you can get in contact with a broker and perhaps he or she can find the owner of the domain.

If all of those methods fail, there one last option. Domain Tools offers a paid service in which you can see the owners who have owned the domain previously. This would also list the owner’s information before they purchased the privacy option, if they did not do so immediately. Just keep in mind, if you do get a hold of the person, there is a reason they chose to have there information withheld. Therefore, plan on them not being very open or friendly to your offer.

The .Biz TLD Is Turning Ten And Holding A Contest

The .biz TLD is celebrating its tenth anniversary by holding a contest. In order to participate, you must submit your website built on a .biz domain and tell your story. Others will then get the chance to vote for their favorite .biz site. Winners will receive awards and a special seal to place on their website. To submit a site or vote for one visit

The .biz TLD was launched in 2001 as an alternative for business owners to use since most of the .com domains were already taken. While the extension is intended for to be used solely by business owners, there are no legal or geographical qualifications to register.

There are currently over two million .biz domains registered from 190 different countries. The .biz TLD is available in 15 different languages including German and Chinese.

Almost all of the large, accredited registrars offer .biz domains. Although, you will find that the price varies at each registrar. Go Daddy’s normal price for .biz domain names is $14.99, but they are currently having a sale where you can register one for just $5.99. has them for $10.99 and Moniker prices the domains at $9.69.

The highest sale price I could find for a .biz domain was for, which sold for $66,001 in November of 2009. Other top sales include: for $61,750, grabbed $26,110, fetched $19,000, and closed for $11,900.

You can learn more about the .biz TLD at There you can read different stories about .biz domains on their blog, search for domains with their name generator,  as well as register .biz domain names.

Go Daddy Super Bowl Commercial

Once again, a Go Daddy Super Bowl commercial for 2012 is certain to cause a big stir during and after the big game. Just like in the past, this year’s two commercials feature scantily clad women which will be a delight to some and a big turn off to others. Famous race car driver Danica Patrick is featured in both commercials. One commercial features her with fitness expert Jillian Michaels and model Natalia Velez. The other includes her starring alongside the new Pussycat Dolls.

“Body Paint” Featuring Jillian Michaels, Danica Patrick, And Natalia Velez

In this commercial Danica Patrick and Jillian Michaels are shown painting on the body of Natalia Velez, a Colombian model. The ad is promoting .co domain names which you can purchase at .co is the ccTLD for the country of Colombia and was launched in 2010.

“The Cloud” Featuring Danica Patrick And The Pussycat Dolls

This spot is the public debut of the new Pussycat Dolls with Danica Patrick. The original group disbanded in 2010 and now has six new members, which include: Lauren Bennett, Vanessa Curry, Erica Kiehl Jenkins, Chrystina Sayers, and Paula van Oppen.

“The look of the commercial is not necessarily the new look of the group this time around. It’s breathtakingly beautiful. It’s a fun, real-campy kind of sexy,” said Robin Antin, the group’s founder and choreographer. “It’s all of that, but again, what we’re doing for this next life of the Pussycat Dolls, the girls are all young. It’s a fresh, young energy. I want to appeal to our young fans.”

Both commercials can be seen in their entirety at (and .co). There you will find a link in the upper right hand corner. The link will take you to a page where you can view the Go Daddy Super Bowl Commercials for 2012, as well as other commercials and videos produced by the company.

History Of Go Daddy Super Bowl Commercials

Go Daddy has been pushing the envelope with their commercials dating back to 2005. The first GoDaddy commercial was a parody of the 2004 Super Bowl wardrobe malfunction involving Janet Jackson and Justin Timberlake. At the time, Go Daddy was $100 million company. Now in 2012 the company is worth over $1 billion.

“Our Super Bowl ads have been a major, major contributor to this,” says Bob Parsons, Go Daddy’s founder and executive chairman.

MegaUpload.Com Founder Kim Dotcom Is Arrested

On Friday Kim Dotcom, founder of the popular file sharing website, was arrested at his mansion while celebrating his 38th birthday. The internet mogul was found in an electronically locked safe room holding a sawed off shotgun.

During the raid in which Dotcom was arrested, authorities seized luxury cars, expensive art pieces, and electronic equipment. In addition, close to $9 million was frozen in various accounts and 18 company domain names were confiscated.

Dotcom is wanted on charges of online piracy, racketeering, and money laundering. The United States is attempting to extradite him and three other employees of the company, who were also arrested Friday and denied bail. They are accused of costing the entertainment industry over $500 million through copyrighted content being shared on and the company’s other similar sites that include,,, and, founded in 2005 and based in Hong Kong, has over 150 million subscribers and draws 50 million visitors per day. The file sharing site, also known as a cyberlocker, gives customers the ability to quickly upload and download files. The sites are intended for sharing files like home movies and work presentations. However, they are commonly used for sharing pirated material. has two levels of membership: basic and premium. The basic membership is free and allows users to download and upload files with a gigabyte limit. Premium members have unlimited usage. It’s been reported that 87 percent of Fortune 500 companies have premium memberships. Ironically, the service is also popular with several music industry celebrities including Snoop Dogg, Kanye West, Sean Combs, and

Dotcom is no stranger to trouble and controversy. In 1988 as a 12 year old, he received a two year probation sentence for computer fraud and handling stolen goods. More recently in 2002, he was charged with insider trading and was placed on probation for 20 months.

“I made mistakes when I was young and I paid the price. Steve Jobs was a hacker and Martha Stuart is doing well after her insider trading case,” he wrote last December in a guest blog post.

The internet entrepreneur, who changed his last name to Dotcom from Schmitz, is reportedly worth over $200 million. He is known for his large size (6′ 7″ and over 300 pounds) and lavish lifestyle. He owns at least 18 luxury cars including a Rolls-Royce Phantom and a pink 1959 Cadillac. Just recently, he paid $500,000 for a fireworks display in Auckland, New Zealand, where he currently resides, and witnessed the show from his private helicopter.

Four Letter Domain Shot.Com Is For Sale

Techshot, a product development company out of Greenville, Indiana, has announced that they are selling their premium, four letter domain The company previously used the domain as their primary web address, but a few years ago changed over to

The company is taking a unique strategy to selling Instead of hiring a domain broker like most other businesses would do, they have hired LeadJen, a lead generation company to handle the task. LeadJen will attempt to find buyers through phone calls, email, and direct mail.

“We worked with Techshot in the past to generate leads for their engineering services, and the company trusts our work,” LeadJen President Jerry Vance said.

LeadJen will be contacting potential buyers in a wide variety of different industries that include: gaming, sports, and weaponry. They anticipate around 80 companies having an interest in owning, which was first registered in 1995. Techshot also said they receive several inquiries each month in regard to selling the brandable domain.

In the press release announcing that is for sale, it states that the domain has been appraised for $500,000. Although, it did not say who appraised it for that amount. It’s tough to say what price the domain could command. But with the recent sale of for $1 million and for $100,000, a high, six figure sale to the right buyer should come as no surprise.

Afternic and Sedo’s public sales for last week have been released. The top four letter domain sales of the week were for $10,000, for $7500, and for $5200.

Premimum .Pro Auction Ends

GoDaddy is hosting an auction of 160 short, premium .Pro domain names. The auction started January 10th and ends tomorrow evening. All domains in the auction are either one, two, or three character domains.

“The .Pro auction will allow many professionals the chance for some prime internet property,” said Paul Nicks,’s director of aftermarket services and auction product development.

The domains being auctioned off are owned by, the Chicago based operator of the .Pro TLD. Some of the domains at auction include,,, and My favorite on the list is, which currently has eight bids and is up to $1800, but it has not reached the reserve.

The domain currently getting the most attention is with 75 bids and a bid price of $1805. is the second most popular and has a current bid price of $1005. has one bid of $5000, but it does not meet the reserve price.

“There has never been a better time to register .Pro domains and we are pleased to auction a sample of our most highly sought after names. Everyone knows the value of a short domain name and we are happy to give the professional public the opportunity to bid on these great .Pro names,” said’s president, Karim Jiwani.

Ironically the auction is being held at, even though the registrar does not sell .Pro domains. However, you can buy .Pro domains at several other registrars that are listed on website. I checked a couple of the more well known registrars for prices of .pro domains. has them available for $19.99 per year and offers them for $34.99.

The .Pro TLD was launched in 2004. The extension is intended to be used by qualified professionals in a range of different fields. Some of the top sales of .Pro domains are for $18,000, for $15,000, and for $10,000.

Domain Name News 02/16

Here are a few of the notable domain stories from the past week: Is Sold – The popular forum has been sold to the owners of, a domain parking provider. The sale price is rumored to be between $200,000 – $300,000. Ron James, the original owner who launched the forum in 2003, is expected to stay on as an administrator. along with, are the two most well known domain forums. DNForum offers three paid levels of membership and caters more towards experienced domain investors. NamePros, on the other hand, is free to all members and attracts more people new to buying and selling domain names. The new owner of NamePros intends to keep it that way. “It is not all about those that are super successful and have a lot of money to spend. New comers want to learn about domaining too and they have to start somewhere,” he recently wrote on DNForum.

I joined in early 2009. I found it to be a helpful resource to learn about domains, as well as a place I could liquidate some of my domains that I couldn’t sell elsewhere. My favorite section on the forum is the Domain Sales thread where members post some of the sales that they have recently made. Shuts Down – One of the largest domain parking services, closed down without giving any notice. The closing does not come as much of a surprise since domain parking has continued to struggle over the last few years. What is surprising is the way the company handled it., who has always offered good customer service in the past, did not notify any of their customers of the move., a parking service owned by, recently changed its name and domain to It was recently discovered that customers are now able to manage their domains via

I used to use for all of my domains. I liked how easy it was to use, the clean user interface, and the fast, reliable payouts. I now use Sedo to park most of my domains. The only reason I changed over is to reduce commissions on any domains I sell via Sedo’s platform.

Ebay Domain Sales – The Ebay auctions for the domains that I wrote about last week ended with some relatively impressive sales. sold for $500, went for $1480, closed at $1624, and TruckingSchools fetched $2170. The seller had one other domain that I did not mention,, which closed at $2025.

Nokia N8 With Symbian^3 PR 2.0 Firmware | Video Preview

Previously we brought you a few video previews of the upcoming PR 2.0 Firmware being demoed on a Nokia C7. This new update has received a lot of press lately as its apparently bringing 50+ significant changes to Symbian^3, and fixes many issues a lot of people are reporting with the OS. Well today we’ve brought you another preview, where Nirave takes us through the new firmware on a Nokia N8. Hit the jump to take a look.

Nokia N8 With Symbian^3 PR 2.0 Firmware | Video Preview

Previously we brought you a few video previews of the upcoming PR 2.0 Firmwarebeing demoed on a Nokia C7. This new update has received a lot of press lately as its apparently bringing 50+ significant changes to Symbian^3, and fixes many issues a lot of people are reporting with the OS. Well today we’ve brought you another preview, where Nirave takes us through the new firmware on a Nokia N8. Hit the jump to take a look.

Nokia N8 Vs Sony Ericsson Xperia Arc Comparison | HD Video Recording

Here’s an HD video recording comparison between the 12 megapixel Carl Zeiss camera of the Nokia N8 and the Sony Ericsson Xperia Arc, which sports an 8.1 megapixel Exmor R CMOS sensor. Now although the Nokia N8 has around 4 megapixel more, the test is pretty fair in terms of video recording. Both devices record HD videos at 720p, with in fact, the Sony Ericsson Xperia Arc recording at 30 fps compared to the Nokia N8‘s 25 fps. Check out the video after the break.

NFC Demo On The Nokia C7 | BCard Reader

Check out this video demo at CTIA Wireless 2011 of the Nokia C7 running a full version of BCard Reader, which allows the built in NFC chip on the Nokia C7 to read information from an NFC compatible business card. The app also has some cool features of its own. Video after the break.

Midnight Smoky Blue Theme For S^3 By LA | The Original Nokia C6-01 Theme

LogonAniket has released another addition to the Midnight Themes collection with the Midnight Smoky Blue Theme. Originally created for the Nokia C6-01, the Smoky Blue theme can now be enjoyed on all Symbian^3 devices. So if you love your dark themes, hit the jump for download links.

Midnight Smoky Blue Theme by LA offers original touch in every element, creating a very natural finish and super-fast feel with no lag. You can download this theme and many more for free from our Symbian^3 Themes page.

HD Horizons Project | Nokia N8 Hits The Skies To Capture England’s Landmarks

Jason Hawkes photographed the UK’s most stunning locations using a Nokia N8 smartphone for the groundbreaking HD Horizons project. To see more images visit:

Quirky Converge Universal Dock Review | Rest & Recharge

From mobile phones to tablets, MP3 players to digital cameras, the technology that surrounds us needs a regular top up of power to function. With over-the-air charging not fully mastered yet, every household is familiar with the clutter of charging cables and adapters, let alone the reducing number of available plug sockets.

Well, the guys over at MobileFun were kind enough to send us the Quirky Converge Universal USB Docking Station, which not only charges up to four devices using only one plug socket, but allows your devices to rest in style.

Measuring in at 31 cm wide x 10 cm tall x 13 cm deep, the Quirky Converge is essentially a four-port USB hub, designed to look very modern and stylish as it displays your mobile devices in all their glory.

The “Stash” cable management mentioned in the item description is supposed to ‘hide wires easily’, which it does, however it is essentially just a gap at the back of the device to cram your wires in. With the term ‘cable management’ I at least expected some sort of cable tie or cord wrap to store the wires neatly.

The inverted T-shaped cut-out is conveniently designed to make charging both bottom-connected and side-connected devices, and has a soft thermoplastic elastomer (TPE) grip to hold the actual connectors in place.

A white ambient charging indicator lets you know when the docking station is switched on. I think I’d prefer four indicators, one for each port, however this would then elude you if no devices were charging as you wouldn’t know if the actual docking station was left switched on. Maybe colour coded ambient lights would be a possible solution.

Four USB ports are hidden behind a curved backrest where your devices can nestle while charging. The angle which they rest is pretty much perfect, especially when charging tablets. It provides you with an ideal viewing angle for watching videos or displaying a photo stream of images.


Having used the Quirky Converge over the past few weeks I must say it has become my charging headquarters so to speak. It’s a neat way to charge devices and great for storing them all in one convenient place when they’re not in use. With its sleek and minimalist design it’s not such an eyesore too, like some of the other docking stations I’ve encountered. And the great thing is its’ extensive compatibility list of USB devices allows me to dock pretty much everything I need charging, including my electronic cigarette.

However I must say that the Quirky Coverage does have its flaws. Firstly the more devices you plug in, the longer each takes to charge as the power is split, not ideal. Also, although the build quality of this accessory is pretty good and sturdy, the glossy white material seems to have lost some of its gloss in such a short period of time.

Then there’s the price point. Maybe its just me but for £39.95 GBP I was expecting a lot more than just a USB hub. Maybe with the addition of multiple functional light indicators and a more advanced cable management system the price wouldn’t feel so steep. If you’re in the market for a universal docking station the Quirky Converge is definitely a contender. Check out the gallery of the Quirky Converge below and let us know your thoughts in the comments.

New Firmware PR 1.2 For Symbian^3 Incoming | Nokia N8, C7, C6-01, E7

Nokia has today released a voluntary software update for it’s Symbian^3 smartphones, primarily to address a synchronization issue identified in a limited number of Nokia smartphones using Mail for Exchange on Microsoft Exchange Server 2010, Service Pack 1. This does not mean the PR 2.0 firmware has been delayed, as it’s still remains scheduled for the first quarter of 2011. Hit the jump to find out more.

The following had been posted on the Nokia Support Discussions earlier today:

We listen to people’s feedback and continue to constantly improve the user experience of our smartphones with software updates. While we are working to make available the next software version, which will provide a renewed user experience, including new browser, refreshed widgets and home screen as well as many other performance enhancements, we released this software to quickly resolve a potential issue affecting our business users.

The software update will be available through the on-the-device Software Update or using Ovi Suite. The roll-out schedule will be determined operator by operator, market by market.

Q:  What is new with this software update? What are the benefits?

A:   The primary reason for releasing this update is to address a Mail for Exchange synchronization issue. It will also include a new version of Ovi Store as well as a new version of Ovi Maps (SR6), adding visibility to subways, trams and trains, real-time traffic, safety alerts, visibility to parking and petrol stations, speed limit warnings, and improved search and location sharing capabilities.

Q: How can I update the software on my Symbian device?

A: Go to Applications > Software update or Applications-> Tools –> Software update (depending on which model you have) on your device and download the update there over the air. You can use WiFi to avoid any additional data costs. It’s also possible to update software via Ovi Suite. (As for all electronic devices we recommend to do regular backups in case you need to restore your data.)

Q: Will the software update be pushed to users?

A: No, this is a voluntary software update. Users who have signed up with MyNokia or enabled the software update auto-check will get a notification about the update on their homescreen and will be able to download the new software from the Software updater in their device, if and when the update is available for them.

Q: Why does the Symbian device variant in country X not have the SW update yet? What is your roll-out schedule?

A: We first publish standard non-customised versions of the software. Country (SIM-free) and operator versions will be following soon. You can check if an update is available for you from Nokia Care. Note that as this is an optional release we have some countries & operators that are not taking this version.

Q: I’m on a SIM-locked device with operator X, they are not offering the update. My MfE is not synching. What can I do?

A: We will offer this update content also as part of the PR 2.0 Firmware.

Q: How can I check if I have the latest SW?

A: Go to Applications > Software update (N8, E7) / Applications > Tools > Software update (C6-01, C7), on your device and see if there are any updates available.

Q: Is the rollout of PR 2.0 affected by this?

A: We’ve announced we will introduce significant improvements for the Symbian UI during the first half of 2011. That schedule remains unchanged.

Q: You have promised a new SW with browser and portrait QWERTY. Why are those not available in this release?

A: We hope that consumers will be very excited as we continue to enhance our smartphone experience in 2011.  We are not stopping here but there are further improvements on the way.  We anticipate the software to be available in the summer.

How To | Re-Download Apps From The Ovi Store

Here’s a quick step by step video tutorial on how to re-download apps and games from the Ovi Store. You might need to do this if you either purchase a new device, or if you’ve had to reformat or reset your current handset for whatever reason. It doesn’t however explain how to get the Ovi Store app itself after a hard reset of the newer Symbian^3 devices.

Download Newly Released Opera Mini 6 & Opera Mobile 11 For Symbian

Opera Software recently announce the release of two new web browsers in the form of Opera Mini 6 and Opera Mobile 11, improving features such as scrolling, zooming and of course, sharing. Check out the video promo after the break where you can get all the direct download links too.

The new versions feature a share button, so you can easily post, tweet, or share info on Facebook. Opera is apparently the world’s most used mobile web browser, ahead of Apple’s iOS, Nokia and Android, controlling 21.6 percent of the market in March so far, according to Web analytics firm StatCounter, via Reuters.

Lars Boilesen, CEO of Opera Software had to say, “If you’ve lost that loving feeling for the Web on your phone or tablet, don’t let it bring you down. Just try one of our browsers… The sun always shines on TV, but the Opera browser shines on more than 3000 devices.”

The Differences Between Opera Mini & Opera Mobile:

  • The Opera Mini browser uses Opera’s servers to take web pages down to a tenth of their original size before sending them to your phone. Because the data transferred is smaller, pages arrive faster. On a pay-as-you-go plan, the Opera Mini browser dramatically cuts the price you pay, because the data you use is greatly reduced.
  • The Opera Mobile browser brings the whole desktop web to smartphones. Supporting HTML5, full high-fidelity web browsing, sharing the same Opera Presto browser engine found in Opera’s desktop browser, the Opera Mobile browser is the best option for fast, powerful browsing when on unlimited Internet data plans or Wi-Fi.

You can download Opera Mini 6 and Opera Mobile 11 for you’re Nokia handset, either directly to your computer or your phone, by visiting our S60 3rd Edition, S60 5th Edition, and Symbian^3 applications pages. Check out the promo video below.